New Lessons Added

We are excited to announce that we have a number of new classes available.

Muay Thai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu HIIT Training Kettlecise
Circuit Training Pad Smash Mixed Martial Arts Boxing

More details coming soon....

Stephen Savage | Instructor | Universal Martial Arts

Stephen Savage

"I have been training in kickboxing, karate and martial arts for many years, starting as a child at the age of 7. I got back into martial arts seriously from the age of 17 competing at a high level all over England. At 21 I started my own club and have been teaching children and adults since. At the age of 25 I decided to improve myself as an instructor and teacher by reading a lot of material on teaching and also having professional martial arts teacher training from some of the top coaches from USA and UK. Learning these new skills have not only benefited myself but seeing the students of Universal Martial Arts grow and excel gives me satisfaction seeing what I teach the children helping them in a healthy and positive way."

Ryan Tan | Instructor | Universal Martial Arts

Ryan Tan

"I started learning martial arts when I was age 6 years old and gymnastics at the age of 7. I stopped for a long while to concentrate on my gymnastics and competing at a high level. I returned to martial arts properly again at the age 11. Since then I have studied and learned quite a few different styles. I enjoy martial arts and believe everyone can benefit from it in some form or other. I got the opportunity in 2009 to work as an assistant instructor for Universal Martial Arts and loved the set up and energy in the classes from the first time I saw them. I now use my experience in martial arts and gymnastics in helping to teach the children, my gymnastics side helping a lot in teaching the advanced children and Demo team martial art tricks for performance and demo work."

Chun Wu | Instructor | Universal Martial Arts

Chun Wu

"I have been training in Martial Arts since 2004, I started my discipline in freestyle Kung Fu and Wushu, which is a performance based martial art. I really enjoy martial arts and I am always learning new skills and pushing myself to improve my martial arts and performance work. I started working at Universal Martial Arts in 2008 and I enjoy using what I have learnt to help teach and pass on my knowledge to the other students."

Junior Team | Instructors | Universal Martial Arts

Assistants & Junior Team

The Junior assistants are kids and young adults who have excelled in martial arts with skill, effort, attitude and enthusiasm, helping out with the young children as role models and people of a closer age of what they can achieve with the right, I can do it attitude.


Ellie Adamson | Junior Instructor | Universal Martial Arts

Ellie Adamson

"I started training at Universal Martial Arts in 2005 when I was ten years old and achieved my black belt in free style Karate at 14, I now train in the adults kick boxing where I have set my goal of getting a black belt also in Kick Boxing in the future. I have been competing for the last 4 years in competitions winning many trophies, I really enjoy competing as it gives me something extra to work hard towards. It is a very interesting sport which I have gained a lot of confidence and fitness from. I started helping out with the children's classes as an assistant instructor after getting my black belt, I love helping out and watching the children grow in confidence and skill, just like I did. I especially enjoy helping out with Little Dragons classes who are 4 to 6 years old as they are great fun and loads of energy in them."

Joe Miller | Junior Instructor | Universal Martial Arts

Joe Miller

"I first started training at Universal martial arts in 2010, I have competed in lots of competitions and tournaments since the age of 14, and with the help of the senior instructors winning a British Title for light continuous sparring after just 2 years of training in martial arts. Along the way I have gained vital skills and knowledge and my fitness and confidence have soared with what I have achieved since joining Universal Martial Arts, and which I can now help pass on to the students which I help teach as a assistant instructor. I really enjoy working as a assistant, watching students progress and improve week by week and hope they can learn if you put the time and effort in anything is possible."

Junior Team

Natalia | Junior Instructor | Universal Martial Arts Joe Thompson | Junior Instructor | Universal Martial Arts Connor Lohan | Junior Instructor | Universal Martial Arts Vicki McEnvoy | Junior Instructor | Universal Martial Arts

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